Now the birth of the Alliance of Apostolic Churches of Christ Jesus (AACCJ) was on this wise.

As a tenant at an elderly lady’s home by the name of Mrs. Beatrice Williams, Bishop Albert E. Dixon (Elder Dixon at that time) was told of a God fearing man who had a church in Moss Point, Mississippi and few churches in Tennessee. This man was named Bishop David Lee Brewer, a former Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ Minister.

During Bishop Dixon’s visit to Moss Point at a Lighthouse Church Convention, he met Bishop Willie Frazier. In fact, they shared the same room at the home of Brother Robert ( Bob) Gladney. They talked and found that they had so much in common that they felt that they should have greater fellowship. Bishop Dixon and Bishop Frazier first talked about having fellowship cards between the Church of God and True Holiness and the Lighthouse Churches organizations. The card would identify ministers of each organization as being of like faith and in good standing. This idea was presented to Bishop Brewer and the elders in a minister’s meeting during the convention and was accepted.

Their first meeting known as the Apostolic Ministerial Alliance. Pastors, Elders and ministers attending this meeting were Foreman, Tatum, Barringer, Taylor, Clark, Fraizer, Brown and others.

The next meeting was in 1977 when they officially organized The Apostolic Ministerial Alliance in Cleveland, Ohio. They agreed to have a convention the next year in Cleveland, Ohio. The officials of the Cleveland, Ohio convocation were: Bishop Albert Dixon, President; Bishop Loyce Clark, Vice President; & Elder Raymond Worrell, Secretary

The first officially to join the Alliance were Bishop Leroy Nelson, Pastor of the Lighthouse Apostolic Holiness Church of Grand Bay, AL Bishop John Vann, Pastor Lighthouse Church of Memphis, TN, Bishop David Brewer, Pastor of the Lighthouse Church of the Apostolic Faith, Moss Point, MS and The Church of God and True Holiness, Cleveland, Ohio. To join several months later were Apostle Perry Maples Pastor, of the Apostolic Deliverance Temple Church of Jesus Christ, Memphis, TN, Bishop John Lee, Pastor of Lord Jesus Christ Church, Columbus, Ohio, Bishop Fred M Dawson, pastor True Bibleway, Clarksdale, MS, Bishop Manner King, Pastor Straightway Overcoming Church of God, Augusta, GA, Bishop Woodrow Roach, Pastor New Born Church of God True Holiness, Washington, DC.

Years later Bishop William Palmer pastor, Bethuel Temple Church of Christ of Washington, DC, Apostle J. Timothy Herrington, pastor of Abundant Life Assembly of Grenada, MS. 

The day finally came on Monday August 28th - this was the beginning of the great new fellowship. Later Bishop John Lee suggested that name of the Alliance be changed to the the Alliance of Apostolic Churches of Christ Jesus and it was approved. This fellowship has been a blessing in many ways. Ministers have been able to preach the word to brothers of like faith. Many souls have been saved, bodies healed, delivered and made free.

We have been able to travel North, South, East and West; Border to border and Coast to Coast an in foreign countries. Through the AACCJ organization we have met many friends. Our sons and daughters have found wives and husbands. We have shared many joys and triumphs together. We have our AACCJ flag which was designed by Bishop Willie Frazier and Apostle Perry Maples. Apostle Perry Maples also designed the AACCJ Seal which reflects the official colors which are red, white and purple. Bishop Albert Dixon presented the idea to have individual organization flags and the theme; “The Saints are Gathering”. Mother Martha Fraizer composed the AACCJ organization’s theme song; “AACCJ is Moving On.”








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